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Leaving a Legacy to OWR 

In one of the most nature-deprived countries in the world, where half of our native wild species are
in decline, and a shocking 14% are at risk of extinction within the next few decades, Oxfordshire
Wildlife Rescue’s work seeks to ensure our precious native wildlife has a fighting chance.
Leaving a gift in your Will to Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue (OWR) is an incredible way to support our
work and celebrate your love of wildlife. OWR receives no Government funding; everything we do is
funded by donations from wildlife lovers like you. Like most charities, we rely heavily on gifts left in



Charitable bequests give the donor a great sense of satisfaction. Leaving a gift to OWR in your Will,
whether that be money, property, or an item such as jewellery, will help us plan for the future and
ensure our vital work can continue. No matter the size of your gift, every penny will go straight
towards our core aims and support the rescue, rehabilitation and release of our precious native


Leaving a legacy in your Will


All charitable gifts in Wills are exempt from inheritance tax. Furthermore, if you leave 10% or more
of your estate to charity, the inheritance tax rate drops on your entire estate by 4%, meaning loved
ones and the charities you support benefit more from your kindness and generosity.
Deciding which type of gift you leave is important.


There are three ways that you can support OWR in your Will;

• Residuary Gift
This is a percentage or share of your estate, after gifts to family and loved ones, and other payments,
have been deducted. This type of gift is popular because it keeps in line with inflation, meaning your

generosity does not lose value over time and remains proportional to the value of your estate.

• Specific Legacy
This is a specific named item, for example a piece of jewellery or property.

• Pecuniary Gift
This is a fixed value sum, for example, £100 or £10,000. It is important to bear in mind that
Pecuniary Gifts are not tied to inflation and therefore could lose value over time as the cost-of-living


Addendum to existing Will

If you have already made a will but would like to continue to support OWR after you’ve gone, ask
your solicitor about a Codicil. A Codicil is an easy and inexpensive addendum to your existing will.
We benefit most when gifts are made for general charitable purposes, meaning we can use your gift
where and when it is needed most.

Other ways to support OWR after your death

We appreciate that not everyone is able to leave a gift to charity in their will. ‘In Memoria’
collections at funerals are a popular way of raising money for your chosen charity. Ensure your
friends and relatives know your wishes so that your support continues after you’ve gone.


Making a Will

Did you know that only 3 in 10 people make a Will? When someone without a will dies, their final
wishes may not be carried out and their estate is subject to the ‘rules of intestacy’, meaning most
friends and family, and any charities they supported in life, will miss out. In cases where the is no
living family, the entire estate will go to the Government.
While making a Will is generally straight forward and can be relatively inexpensive, and there are
hundreds of companies that can help draft a Will, we regret that OWR cannot provide legal advice.
Therefore, however you decide to support OWR in your will, it is important to speak with a solicitor
or professional legal adviser to ensure the wording of your will is legal and valid. Sometimes a charity
may change its name or legal structure, so it’s important to add a transferable gift clause to your
will. Your solicitor can help ensure that your generosity reaches the correct benefactor(s) should
such changes occur.

We value and appreciate every single legacy. We hope you’ll consider leaving a gift to OWR in your
Will. You have no obligation to tell us you have left us a gift; however, we like to thank those kind
and generous supporters who do remember OWR in their Wills. If you’d like to let us know, we’d be
very pleased to hear from you at

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