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£1 For Wildlife

£1 For Wildlife is our new campaign to try and raise the profile of OWR and to help us raise our monthly donations to the level we require in order to grow our charity and provide stability for the future of the charity. 

OWR has become a small charity trying to fill some very big boots. The demand for our services has reached well beyond what any of us anticipated.


4000+ animals come into care at our casualty centre each year, however, that number is climbing and we need all the help possible if we are to grow the charity facilities, capabilities and future if we are to remain here for the future. 

If all of our followers/ supporters gave just £1 to OWR on a monthly basis, we could easily meet these demands and expand even further ! 

Day to Day Statistics

Our  Wildlife Casualty Centre will receive anywhere between  5 - 20+ patients requiring immediate First Aid and care to preserve life.

Our Wildlife Ambulance Service will cover over 120+ miles, spanning across both Oxfordshire & Berkshire.

100+ Tins of Dog or Cat food will be consumed by our patients at the centre.

Our dedicated staff will answer over 60 phone calls regarding advice, or a wildlife related emergency

Up to 240+ syringes will be used onsite for administering medication, feeding and delivering fluid therapy to sick or injured wildlife patients.

Up to 250+ patients hospital housing/ enclosures will be cleaned at least once daily (sometimes up to 3-4 times as required) 

Some patients will be given first aid, but then referred to another wildlife hospital for treatment due to the lack of space. 

Financial Statistics

The daily costs of operations for the charities wildlife casualty centre will exceed £400 per day.

Our Wildlife Ambulance Service uses on average £120 in fuel and maintenance costs per day.

At present, all the monthly income the charity has coming in, only just covers our outgoing costs... 

There is no room for error and no room for expansion of our facilities or staff .

What would your donation do for OWR?

Help with the daily costs of our operations 

Help fund our Wildlife Ambulance Service

Allow OWR to start putting measures in place for the purchasing of the charities own land.

To purchase temporary buildings and allocate them as wildlife hospital wards. 

x1 Hedgehog Ward

x1 Large Mammal Ward 
x1 Bird nursery

x1 Large Quarantine Unit

To purchase vital medical equipment we are currently in desperate need of.

To build more much needed pens, aviaries and enclosures for our rehabilitation centre. 

Join our £1 For Wildlife Campaign !

Help us make a difference to 4000+ sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. Its only with your help can we push OWR to where it really needs to be.  Please find the donation bar below. Every month the 'Goal' metre is automatically reset, however your donation will continue to help us here save lives ! and will be accounted for on the monthly goal meter !



£ 9000

£ 8000

£ 7000

£ 6000

£ 5000

£ 4000

£ 3000

£ 2000



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Where this campaign is currently...

Everything helps !  If every single one of our social media followers alone donated £1 a month, our target would be reached !

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