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In November 2023, The charity received its 12-month notice from our landlady to vacate its site in Blewbury, Oxfordshire.  This devasting blow has now forced the charity to desperately fundraise to move its entire operation and find its forever home.

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OWR began life in the family home of charity founders Luke and Ruth Waclawek.  They nursed sick and injured wild animals that the local vet would have handed over to them.

This was nothing more, than a hobby the couple both enjoyed doing in their spare time.

Then come the spring of 2018, they agreed to advertise themselves, to help turn the pressure from the local vet practice.. This was the birth of OWR as we now know it today. 

Since then, the organisation has grown, from 30 animals being treated annually, to what is now thousands on a yearly basis,.

The charity moved to its current rented site in Blewbury in 2020 as the operations had completely outgrown their sub urban home and needed room to expand !

The story so far...


Very First Patient... Percy

So what's next?

We have just 12 months to find this charity a new home ..


OWR now needs to secure its own land. The charity has grown massively, seeing thousands of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife every single year. Every year are we seeing increasing admissions and the truth is, in reality, we were starting to outgrow our current site now anyway... 


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Find Land

We initially located a suitable piece of land, however this has unfortunately fallen through, so we are now back on the market searching for OWR's forever home !

Step 2 .. Buying the Land

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Size of land required: 1 Acre - 5 Acres
Area:  South Oxfordshire/Berkshire Boarder would be preferable!


What are we looking for?

The challenge now is to fundraise, fundraise and some more fundraising..


Land in Oxfordshire isn't cheap !

And for what the charity requires,  it comes with a hefty price tag of  £250,000 


How can you help?

Make a donation, Make History !

There has NEVER been a registered wildlife hospital,  in Oxfordshire in its history! .... We would like to change that !  

In order for OWR to not only carry on with its vital service to wildlife, we wish to build and open


Oxfordshire's first and only wildlife hospital,

complete with onsite veterinary care, educational and public facilities that enable everyone to connect with nature and the environment.

By making a donation towards this fundraiser to purchase the land OWR so desperately requires..

Not only are you helping us to continue to save the thousands of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.. but you will also join us, in making history!

Our Online


Fundraise For OWR

If you would like to fundraise for OWR and help us reach this incredible milestone .. We would love to hear from you!! 

Please email us at

We have had some wonderful support from people who have held their own fundraisers to help us raise the much needed income! 

Ideas include: 

  • Cake Sales

  • Sponsored Games

  • Sponsored Runs/ Activities 

  • Seasonal shows, exhibitions 

  • Craft making sessions 

  • Business/ Organisation Sponsorships


Please do contact us! and we will help advertise and promote your event or fundraiser !  

Make a donation via Bank Transfer

OWR Bank Details

If you would prefer to make a donation directly to the charities bank account, we have provided the details for this below. 

Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue 

Sort Code      08-92-99
Account Number   67267064 

If you wish for us to claim Gift Aid on your donation

please download the Gift AID form from the link below .

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