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Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue

What We Do

'Oxfordshire Wildlife Rescue' is an award-winning wildlife charity that rescues, cares for and rehabilitates sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals throughout Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Our main objective is to preserve life where it is humanely possible to do so, utilising both our wildlife casualty centre located in Blewbury, and our wildlife ambulance service. 


Wildlife Rescue Service

We offer a dedicated wildlife rescue service throughout both Oxfordshire & Berkshire.

Our team of wildlife medics have all received extensive training and have attended CPDS courses which enable them to deal with most wildlife species found here in the UK.


Wildlife First Aid & Treatment

All patients are triaged and given First Aid at our casualty centre based in Blewbury. We also have veterinary staff who are  able to put  patients on specific treatment and care regimes.  We also work with many veterinary practices across the counties,  enabling our patients to be X-Rayed or have major orthopaedic work done within a small timeframe.


Wildlife Rehabilitation

Once the patient is well enough, and has finished all medication or hospital treatment, they are then moved to an outdoors enclosure, pen or flight aviary to allow them valuable exercise space in order to build up enough strength in preparation for life back in the wild.


24 hr Wildlife Ambulance Service

Our dedicated wildlife ambulance service holds equipment  most scenarios we regularly see .Our wildlife medics are all trained and are called upon by members of the public for injured large mammals and birds. We also regularly assist other organisations such as : 

  • Thames Valley Police 

  • RSPCA 

  • Fire & Rescue Service 

  • NHS Ambulance Service 

  • Other Wildlife Charities


Orphaned Wildlife

Misplaced young wild animals, are regularly presented to us as orphaned. However we will always attempt to reunite them with their mothers where it is possible to do so. Failing this, they are then deemed to be orphans and are cared for by our fantastic care team at our wildlife casualty centre in Blewbury.


Wildlife Education

We provide catered wildlife workshops and education sessions to both children and adults. 
We offer engaging workshops for schools, colleges, groups, clubs and we also hold First Aid talks for members of the public who wish to learn and gain an insight into the work we do here at OWR. 

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